Translation Technology at Donatello Translations

Donatello Translations makes smart use of translation technology to ensure that you reap the maximum benefit without the need to spend large amounts of money on costly translation management systems.

When appropriate, we will process your translations using Translation Memory Tools. This translation technology helps optimize and streamline the translation process.

Translation Memory

By using a Translation Memory during translation you can benefit from:

  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Lower costs
  • Better quality and consistency of translations

Translation Memory Systems all follow the same general principle. Text is broken down into segments, and each segment of text is stored together with its translation in a database known as the Translation Memory. The translator works directly within the user interface of the Translation Memory System. For each segment of text, the system scans the database to see whether there is already an existing translation that can be re-used or adapted.

There are many Translation Memory Systems available on the market today. The most widely used include SDL Trados, memoQ and Across. Here at Donatello Translation we have expert knowledge of all the most widely used tools and are available to suggest the best tool for your content.

Likewise, if you already use a particular tool we are happy to adapt to your preferences.

We also have experience with Terminology Management systems and Quality Assurance tools. Please Contact Us for more information.