Interpreting Services at Donatello Translations

In addition to written translation, Donatello Translations also offers professional interpreting services in a range of language combinations and formats to suit your needs.

Consecutive Interpreting (Face-to-Face Interpreting)

Our most commonly requested interpreting service is consecutive interpreting (also known as face-to-face interpreting). In this form of interpreting the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause, before conveying the message in another language.

The advantage of consecutive interpreting is that it requires no technical equipment, however when planning a consecutive interpreting session, you should always take into account that consecutive interpreting can double the length of time needed for the meeting and schedule accordingly.

Our consecutive interpreting service is ideal for both formal and informal settings, such as bilateral meetings, negotiations, interviews and tours involving two languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting (Conference Interpreting)

Our simultaneous interpreting service (also known as conference interpreting) renders spoken discourse into another language in real-time. Because of the high levels of concentration required to perform such a task, our simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs usually taking a break every 20 minutes.

If needed, we can provide the logistical and technical equipment required for simultaneous interpreting: booths, headsets, microphones etc.

Simultaneous interpreting is recommended for formal conferences or high-level meetings and can also be used when more than two languages are involved (by increasing the number of interpreter pairs for each language combination).

Telephone Interpreting

If necessary, we can also provide consecutive interpreting services over the phone.

With advance warning, we can arrange a telephone interpreting service that is ideal for conference calls or telephone interviews involving two languages.

If you are interested in our interpreting services or would like to receive further information, please contact us.